Speaking in English has never been easy for me ever.

Nowadays, so many students study English. Reading, listening writing and speaking. I've studied Enlish since I was middle school student. Everyone knows what we need to start studying other languages since we were kids. Because it works better. 

Actually I had to give present in English to my laboratory members and my professor. I didn't prepare anything for the present at all. I had just believed in me. How arrogant I was!! I just screwed off my present. My face tunred red, sounded was like being chased by a murderer and eventually sat on my seat without QNA. Ha- ha. Yeah, it was horrible one. I spent thousands dollars for my Canada working holiday and lots of time to study English. What were those for? Damn, I must have been more carefully and prepared. 

I don't want to commit this mistake anymore. I'll do study harder and be good at English as much as I can be possibly proud of me. 
I don't know how long will it take, although, I believe I still have the hope. I'll see. 

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