How a kid can get a great job?


캐나다에서 지내면서 Skytrain의 정거장 근처에서 신문을 나눠주는 part-time job을 했었는데 그러던 중 읽었던 신문에서 취직과 관련한 기사를 읽다가 도움이 될까 싶어 소개해볼까 한다.

한 고등학생이 금융권에서 일을 하고 싶지만 어떤 일을 시작해야 할지 어떻게 연락을 취해야 할지에 관한 질문을 Philippe라는 사람이 답변해준 글이다. 글의 요점은 자신감은 가지되 거만하지 않게 자신을 소개하고, 너무 조급해하거나 혹은 상대방한테서 연락이 오기만을 무작정 기다리는 수동적인 자세가 아닌 주도적으로 이끌어가는 tip을 알려주고 있다.

아래 글은 신문에 게재된 것이다.

How a kid can get a great job?

Philippe Desrochers – Career Fasttrack


Feel like your career is on life support?You are not alone. There is a cure.


Q I am a high-school student, and I amtrying to develop my career related to finance. And I need work experience.

 I amtrying to write an approach letter for volunteering in an accountant firm. Theproblem is I don’t even know how to begin. I don’t know what position totarget. After all, who is going to listen to a kid?


A You are young in years, but wise infocus.

People do *discriminate on age. However, it’snot because of the way you look, but because what they assume is not betweenyour ears. It is your job to convince others that you have something there.

 Bythe way, if you use the word “like” three times per sentence, stop now. Replaceit with silence. Now follow these five steps.


Step 1: Write the approach letter addressedto one of the partners of the accounting firm. Ask for an office administrationrole. At the end of the letter say you will follow up in a week.

Do not attachyour resume. Do not offer your services for free in the letter. Print theletter on 24lb, 115 bright paper. Put it into a 8.5/11 envelope and send it tothe employer by *Purolator.


Step 2: Call the employer a week later anddo ot ask if they read or received the letter. Say this:

 “Hi_____, it’s _____ and I sent you a letter last week. I was looking forward tospeaking with you to arrange a meeting to discuss current or futureopportunities with your firm. Would this week be convenient for you to meet orwould next week work better for you?”

 Youhave a 10% chance of booking the meeting.


Step 3: Prepare for the meeting as if itwas an interview. Bring your resume. Read 101Great Answers to the ToughestInterview Questions by Ron Fry. Dress like a superstar. White shirt, dark blueor black suit, Tommy Hilfiger tie from Winners and shoes so shinny you got towear shades (but don’t wear shades in the interview)


Step 4: In today’s tight market, I supportvolunteering. But free labour is not a benefit to a company. Free means use-less.Do not use free as a benefit. Only when they are prepared to offer you the jobshould you talk money. Say this: “I have done my research and the range is$10-$12 per hour. It is negotiable. Does this work for you?”


Step 5: If they have no money then say: “Ido believe I have value but I understand your  situation. Does it work for you ifI commit to three months no pay to prove myself?”

 Thisstrategy is extremely effective.

to discriminate : 차별(구별, 판별)하다.
Purolator : 캐나다의 서류 운송업체
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